Whether you have a backed-up drain, broken pipes, need to replace an entire sewer line, or any plumbing issue that can’t wait, you can count on Mid Michigan Plumbing Services.  Our qualified technicians have years of experience and can be trusted to provide excellent service.

We service all Mid Michigan areas.

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  • 24 hours a day
  • 7 days a week
  • 365 days a year
  • Broken Pipes
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Sewer Back-Ups
  • Broken Water Heaters

Mid Michigan Plumbing Services - services when you need them!

When a plumbing emergency occurs, it is very important to receive professional assistance quickly. Treating your emergencies as quickly as possible will eliminate further damage to your home.

We have a team of plumbing experts that can take care of all your plumbing needs with accuracy and speed. Let us handle your emergency plumbing services today.

Trusted plumbers


Do you need a solution to your plumbing problem? You can count on Mid Michigan Plumbing Services. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or you need a plumbing solution for a major repair, we’ll be there for you.  We want to make it easy for you so we work around your schedule, seven days a week!

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Emergency Service
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Toilet, Tub and Fixtures
  • Water Heaters (tank/tankless)
  • Sump & Ejector Pumps
  • Back Flow Prevention

Our licensed and insured plumbers will arrive promptly, listen to your needs and offer quality plumbing solutions and upfront pricing.  Mid Michigan Plumbing Service is family owned and operated with a strong reputation.  It is no surprise that many families and businesses in Central Michigan rely on our knowledge and experience to get their plumbing systems back in working order.

Drain & Sewer Services


The drains and sewer line in your home or business are very important, removing a large volume of waste water from your property each day. So, if a problem develops in any part of this system or if you need a new component installed in it, you want to know the job will be done right.

Call the experts of Mid Michigan Plumbing Services for all of your drain and sewer line needs.

  • Drain Cleaning & Repair
  • Water Jetting & Video
  • Sewer Repair and Replacement
  • Back-up Service
  • Pipe Patch by Source One Environmental
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Established in 1999, we are licensed and insured professionals that pride ourselves on personal service.  At Mid Michigan Plumbing Services, we devote time, energy and commitment to our customers and community, holding our family business to high standards. We have earned respect as a reliable, service-focused plumbing company serving Mid Michigan for nearly 20 years and continue to provide plumbing and emergency plumbing services to Mount Pleasant and all of Central Michigan.

Thank you for considering Mid Michigan Plumbing Services - we are ready to go to work for you!

Shepherd: 989-828-4019
Mt Pleasant: 989-772-5465
Fax: 989-828-4079